Waldock’s Wizards and Wands Harry Potter Homeschool Curriculum

I’m so incredibly excited to start homeschooling with Harry Potter this year! I received the Waldock Wizards and Wands homeschool curriculum recently to review and I wanted to share everything about this awesome curriculum here on the blog! 

I intend to update both here and on my YouTube channel. Weekly I’ll be sharing what we’re doing and how we’re using the curriculum over the course of the next year.  

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For third grade, we’ll be reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We will likely take next year off from Harry Potter. I’m thinking we will pick back up with the series in 5th Grade.

For the sake of chronicling the curriculum here on the blog, the first two books will take us through the middle of November right before the Thanksgiving Holiday.This will include just under 4 months worth of schoolwork. It could go a bit longer depending on interest level an how much we get through.

Waldock Wizards and Wands Homeschool Curriculum

As mentioned, Waldock Wizards and Wands Homeschool Curriculum was developed by Jessica Waldock from The Waldock Way and can be purchased on her site. Jessica also offers a Wizard Homeschool Planner to help you organize your  school year and a very thorough Waldock Wizards and Wands Pinterest Board to help you plan out activities and lessons.

Waldock Wizards and Wands is a year long study where students will read Harry Potter books, watch the movies and complete related extension activities. The subjects covered include: Alchemy, Astronomy, Charms, Enchantments, Herbology, Incantations, Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies, Potions, and Spells. It is designed for Grades 2-6 but can easily be tailored to younger or older kids. 

photo courtesy of The Waldock Way website

The curriculum includes a very comprehensive list of textbooks, activities, games and other resources for each subject. There are printables and two versions of the student notebook (cursive and print) for the Language Arts (Charms, Spells, Enchantments and Incantations) segment of the curriculum.

Additionally, Waldock Wizards and Wands includes an Owl Study, and an Author Study. A Defense Against the Dark Arts Study is done primarily through Gameschooling. Jessica includes several ideas and suggestions for this portion of the curriculum. We’ll be reading the Who Is J.K. Rowling for the Author Study.

Our Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Resources


While Jessica has some fantastic suggestions within the curriculum for spine books and supplemental resources, I wanted to purchase as little as possible since we already have such a robust home library. We already own some of the book suggestions so we’ll be using those when applicable.

As we go through the curriculum, I intend to update this list as well as add on what we complete weekly throughout the course of the year. I will also periodically be checking out local used bookstores in Charleston for inexpensive books to complete our study.

Alchemy (Geology) 

The curriculum suggests using My Book of Rocks and Minerals and while I don’t have that currently, I will use online resources from Pinterest as well as The DK Eyewitness Crystal & Gem Book  A few years ago I sent away for an All About Coal booklet that included free coal samples and an information packet that we’ll likely be taking a look at as well. Unfortunately it is no longer available but I will be sharing what it entails here on the blog when we get to it. 

The curriculum also suggests a few other resources like the Gemstone Dig Kit and the Rock On Geology Game. We won’t use the Gemstone Dig Kit as we have something similar for the Muggle Studies/Ancient History and I can only handle so much hands-on dusty digging. The Rock On Geology Game however does look interesting and includes mineral samples. I have also had my eye on some of the kids from Rock Hound Kids for a few years now, so I think that is something that I may incorporate into our Geology study this year. 



I purchased a complete Astronomy Curriculum a few years back and while we haven’t really completed it yet, we’ll refer back a bit this year. From our bookshelves and bins we have several books to use including The Magic School Takes a Moonwalk, The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System book and audio CD as well as the Nature Watch Moon Phase Memory Game Kit

If anyone knows our family, they know that we absolutely love our National Parks. Whenever we travel we try to seek out national parks to earn Junior Ranger Badges. There are also many Junior Ranger Badges that kids can earn without actually traveling to the parks. One of these such badges is the Junior Ranger Night Explorer Badge. Simply download and print the badge, have your child complete the activities that correalate to their age and mail it in. The National Park Service will send a Junior Ranger Night Explorer Badge via mail to your child! This will be one of our Astronomy unit activities!

Herbology (Botany) 

Jessica suggests using A Kids Herb Book as well as the Herb Fairies Book Series and the WildCraft game as well as several other fantastic options. While I really am interested in using A Kids Herb Book, I feel as though I should probably utilize what I’ve already purchased before I buy other similar products. 

So we’ll be using, The Thinking Tree: Wild Wilderness Adventure Book, Botany in a Day, A Seed is Sleepy, the Learning Herbs Kit, Plant Life Cycles and of course our WildCraft game! As we work through the curriculum I’ll of course be on the lookout for additional resources and share them here. 

Magical Creatures and The Owl Study

I knew I had to get my hands on A Field Guide to Gryffins, Unicorns and Other Mythical Beasts as suggested for the Waldock Wizards and Wands spine resource. We completed a Birds of Prey Unit and visited The Center for Birds of Prey last year and dissected an owl pellet (which we may do again). I’m not exactly sure how we’ll be tackling the owl study this year but of course will update the blog with however we choose to cover it. 

Jessica suggests Owls: Our Most Charming Bird, which looks absolutely adorable so I may end up purchasing it. 

Potions (Chemistry) 

As suggested in the curriculum, we will be using The Wizards Workshop along with the Basher Science Elements With Style Book

I also pulled out our final kit to be used from The Magic School Bus Science Club Kits – the Chemistry Kit includes experiments that teach about acids and bases, solids, liquids and gasses and more! We’ll also of course refer to Pinterest for additional Harry Potter themed chemistry experiments and demonstrations.

Muggle Studies – Ancient History 

The suggested book for Muggle Studies is the Usborne Time Traveler which we do have on our bookshelf. I have the History Pockets Ancient Civilizations Book that we have yet to use, so I’m thinking we will incorporate it as well. We’ll also be reading:

The Making of a Knight
Castle Diary, The Journal of Tobias Burgess
Step into History’s Siege! Can You Capture a Castle
Ask Me: Who Hid Inside a Horse Ancient Times Book
Margeurite Makes a Book and parts of the supplemental unit study from Homeschool Share
Cooking in World Cultures, Food and Cooking in Ancient Egypt 

As we find or use other books and resources I’ll be sure to add them to whichever week we include them in, so be sure to join the mailing list via the link below so you don’t miss a week!

Supplemental Curriuculum and Resources To Use with Waldock Wizards and Wands 

While I was looking over the Muggle Studies portion of the curriculum I noticed a section on Knights and Castles. My son has been an avid fan of all things Middle Ages for many years now. We’ve done Knight craft projects like this DIY Knight Helmet. We have made our own medieval weapons like this Cardboard Catapult and this DIY Medieval Mace and Shield. My son also has several castles and castle games and activities. We’ve even been to Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach twice in the last three years. 

Since Ancient History is included in Muggle Studies, I wanted to delve a bit deeper into the history of the time period. Next year we’ll be using Volume 2 of The Story of the World for the Classical Child . I wanted to incorporate a bit more about The Crusades during the Middle Ages and the history of Knights so we’ll be pulling that information from the Ducksters website. 

The one subject that Waldock Wizards and Wands does not include is Arithmancy. Since math is a very individualized subject, parents have to provide their own math curriculum. We use several math curricula at a time because it is one of my sons favorite subjects. So along with a combination of Life of Fred, Masterbooks Math  Lessons for a Living Education, one-on-one life math lessons with his dad (a CPA and financial advisor) we’ll be using fun, one-off resources like the Waldorf Sir Maximo and the Number Knights We may also delve into Beast Academy this year too, as I’ve heard good things about it!

This year I also will be adding in some elements from Julie Bogart’s Bravewriter.  We’ll be starting with Bravewriter’s The Arrow for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone  While we may not get to everything within The Arrow, I did want to introduce it now so that when we jump in with the Jot it Down! Curriculum and a few other monthy read-alouds, my son will be somewhat familiar with the style and format.

Another book that is suggested within the curriculum is the Unofficial Harry Potter Vocabular Builder which we will likely use in conjunction with the Bravewriter Arrow mentioned above.

A Little Pre-Wizarding Before We Start

Little man celebrated his 8th birthday just a few weeks ago. He had been wanting to start watching the Harry Potter movies so for our quiet little at-home birthday party, we decided on a Harry Potter themed birthday.

I made the cake that Hagrid gave Harry Potter; my son insisted that I put Harry’s name on it and we made wands, had my version of a quick Butterbeer and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. We’ve since watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and have just begun reading the first book.

Weekly Lessons and Activities for Waldock Wizards and Wands Homeschool Harry Potter Themed Curriculum

Here I’ll be updating both the blog and YouTube channel with what we’ve worked on each week as we progress through the Waldock Wizards and Wands Curriculum. Be sure to join the Learning in the Lowcountry Mailing List so you don’t miss a week and follow me on Instagram to see what we’re up to! 

Waldock Wizards and Wands Homeschool Curriculum by Week:

Other Harry Potter Projects That May Be of Interest: 








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