Is VIPKID a Good Way for Homeschooling Parents to Make Money?

By: April from The Simple Rugged Path

Like most homeschool families that we know, our budget is very tight.

We began searching for somethinig to add a little to our income. I was already teaching dance in the evenings, but that job was only going to last for 9 weeks.

I did not want another job that was going to take me outside of the home, interfere with our homeschool day, or take me away from being a part of my children’s activities. We tried several MLMs but we are just not sales people. Additionally I had neither the time to host parties nor the ability to purchase items to have on hand.

One day I had coffee with a friend and she began to share with me about a company she was working for, VIPkid. Before I go on, I want to add that this is not a MLM company. I was very intrigued however, I am a night owl, so I hesitated on jumping in. I did not want to wake up early every morning. I spent a few months asking her questions and researching and praying and talking to my husband about it.

Finally, I decided to give it a try. A VIPKID contract only lasts for 6 months, so I thought, I can give this a try for 6 months.

So I jumped in, it took me a few weeks to get any bookings, mainly because I signed up during Chinese New Year, many students were on holiday and not taking classes. However, the bookings started coming in. And I am loving it.

What Do You Do as a VIPKID Teacher?

I want to share with you what being a teacher for VIPkid looks like for me.

First, there are not only early  morning slots. You teach one student at a time and the classes are only 25 minutes long. The possible hours to choose from are, midnight until  9:30am and 9:00pm until 11:30pm.

Now my time zone is EST, so this may vary depending on your time zone. Also another bonus, is my schedule is not set in stone. I can change day to day, week to week. So if we have an early morning doctor’s appointment, I don’t have to teach that morning. Or if we have a late night activity, again, I don’t have to open those slots. Also, if you want to teach when you have to travel, you can.

All you need is a laptop or tablet, and excellent internet connect.  Right now I am teaching 4 classes a day, the time slots I have chosen and that are working well for me, are 7:00am, 7:30am, 8:00am and 8:30am.  

I am teaching while my own kids are sleeping or starting to get up. Then I am finished in time to sit down and start school with my children. Another bonus, my children love to help me gather props (AKA my children’s toys), laminate and cut out props and they have become very interested in Chinese culture.

How to Become a VIPKID Teacher

To join VIPkid, you must

  1. Be a US or Canadian resident
  2. Have a Bachelor’s Degree
  3. Have teaching experience (this can be homeschooling, Sunday school teacher, tutor, etc)

Once you apply, you will record and submit a demo video, they provide the lesson plans for this. Then you will schedule a mock class with a current VIPkid teacher, with this you will teach a class, lesson plans provided, to the mock teacher.  Then you will need to study and take a quiz to obtain a TESOL certificate.

There are multiple levels you can teach, from, VIPkid will decide which level you will teach, based on your mock class interview.  I currently teach Level 2, however you have opportunities to later take quizzes and record demo videos to be approved to teach other levels, just this week, I have become certified to teach Level 1.

How to Join VIPKID

I love the freedom to change my schedule and the fact that I get to travel to China every morning and meet some super sweet children. Do you want to join me?

If you are ready to sign up and see if VIPkid is a great fit for your family, may I ask that you use my referral code.

I do get a one time bonus for each person that I refer that is hired, Referral Code-APRIL0231

If you have anymore questions, you can email me:  or visit our Youtube channel The Simple Rugged Path where I share about homeschooling and will occasionally post about VIPkid.



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