Unschooling Without Freaking Out

I recently wrote about how to make unschooling work for your family and have compiled some resources to help you begin learning about unschooling, while not an exhaustive list, it does cover quite a bit.

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In his 2013 study of unschoolers, Boston College psychology professor Peter Gray and his colleague Gina Riley found that the “benefits of unschooling were numerous” and included “improved learning, better attitudes about learning, and improved psychological and social well-being for the children.”

John Holt and why education of the future is unschooling 

Eight flexible companies that don’t require a degree  

More companies that don’t require a degree 

Get your kid networking – if they’re going to be online anyway, have them set up a professional account on Linkedin and ensure they use it responsibly and effectively by setting up their profile and experience, engaging, commenting and making connections.

Learn to speak “educationese” and transform real life, everyday experiences into something that translates well on a progress report

A wealth of information  about unschooling – from transcripts, naming courses, it’s all here and the information is vast and plentiful.  

Why colleges are actively recruiting homeschoolers and links to such colleges.

Students can take courses on Study.com and transfer the credits toward a University of Phoenix degree.

Summer Slide Isn’t Real 

Free to Learn:(affiliate) https://amzn.to/2EIQgWf

Dumbing us Down (affiliate) https://amzn.to/2W1e1OM

Weapons of Mass Instruction (affiliate) https://amzn.to/2Z4vKan