Ocean-themed Homeschool Activity to Help Teach Writing | Grades 4 – 6

I like to take varied approaches when teaching writing in our homeschool and one of them includes hands-on activities to get my son to do some out-of-the-box thinking. One of our favorite activities is visiting the aquarium during the homeschool year.

As year-round homeschoolers/roadschoolers. we often take a few weeks off in the middle of September and November but still ‘do school via field trips or aquariums in the cities we visit.

Ocean-themed Writing Activity and Craft

Incorporating lesson plans, unit studies and hands-on writing activities like this Choose Your Own Adventure Ocean Pop-up Book are fun ways to get away from stale textbooks and workbooks. Homeschooling affords us the opportunity to use various approaches to teaching writing.

As we all know, a story has five important components; the characters, setting, plot, conflict and resolution. These elements help to keep the story on track, running smoothly an allow the action to build and develop in an organic way that is easy to follow.

Sometimes, however, when our kids tell us a story, it can be hard to follow. They have so much to express, often don’t have all the words in their vocabulary to express them and struggle to keep a story flowing and engaging. Teaching kids to craft an interesting story that makes sense to the reader can be done in a fun way with this writing activity/craft. 

This ocean-themed printable allows children to write and create their own ‘pop-up book’  They follow writing prompts in a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style and have the perfect creative writing and crafty creativity challenge in one fell swoop!

To further bring in the ocean-theme and marine biology aspect of this particular lesson, consider incorporating some  shark homeschool curriculum ideas.

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Choose Your Own Adventure Pop-Up Book and Writing Activity

This Ocean-themed pop-up activity is perfect for upper elementary and middle school kids and includes various combinations for adventures and animals.  It also  full instructions on how to create the pop-up book. Included in the download are 9 craft/writing pages, an instruction page and all of the necessary teaching information to cover how to create an Introduction, identify a problem, suggest a plan and the ultimate reward and end the story with a satisfying conclusion.


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