How to Teach Writing in Your Homeschool with Write Shop

I’ve gone back and forth many times over how to teach homeschool writing.

Sometimes I would proudly declare “We’re unschoolers!” and I’d let my son learn to write on his own timetable. I used printables that encouraged creative writing by keeping a gratitude journal and helped scribe stories that my son would make up. That would suffice for a bit. 

After a while panic and comparison (the thief of joy in your homeschool) would set in. I would over-plan, overthink and overschedule.   

I enjoy playing an active role in my child’s learning. His confidence soars when he figures something out on his own. While that is great to witness as a parent, I want to ensure I’m doing everything I can to give him the opportunities that he deserves.


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There’s a bit of self-doubt sometimes around certain subjects.

Write Shop Homeschool Writing Curriculum Levels  

WriteShop understands the challenges of teaching writing in your homeschool. The curriculum illustrates clearly how to teach your child to write regardless of their age with step-by-step lessons.

  • WriteShop Primary will help your child feel confident in their skills through picture books, games & crafts to make writing fun.
  • WriteShop Junior designed for the upper-elementary level introduced various genres and incorporates fun games.
  • WriteShop I and II is for older students in middle school and high school and covers essays , compositions and editing and proofreading.

We’re using Book B for First grade. This is part of the WriteShop Primary series geared for Kindergarten – 3rd grade.  The curriculum however is fully customizable for all grade levels and ages. 

Write Shop Homeschool Writing Curriculum Overview


Take Your Homeschool On the Road With a Portable Writing Center 

How We Use Write Shop Writing Curriculum in our Homeschool

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