A Short and Sweet Strawberry Homeschool Unit Study

Whether it’s strawberry season or not, there’s just something about this bright, sweet non-berry that seems to make people smile. When you’re a homeschooling mom, anything can be made educational and the strawberry is no different. What’s even better is that a trip out to the fields is a unique idea for a parent and Kid strawberry season date!

Strawberry Picking Charleston SC

Here are three ways to make a lesson out of these aggregate fruits; i.e. ones that come from a single flower rather than an ovary. 

Get Kids Cooking with Unique Strawberry Recipes 

The best way to incorporate strawberries into a fun homeschool lesson, aside from just eating them, is to get cooking with them! Aside from practical experience of reading, following directions and mastering measurements, cooking helps develop hand-eye coordination and can introduce early math and science skills.

Once I got out of my own head and realized that messes were going to happen, and I stopped trying to control the situation with my hands hovering over my little one, having help in the kitchen became fun again.

strawberry muffins

Unfortunately I didn’t learn this lesson until well into my late 30s, so my now adult children didn’t have the benefit of a calm, relaxed, fun-loving mom. I hate that I was so uptight back then, but I’m grateful they’re able to see me in my better-mom state with my youngest now.  Recently we enjoyed making these Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Muffins after a fun day picking strawberries! These would also make for a perfect strawberry bread recipe if you just switch out the pan. I’m also quite excited to have Zac help me make these easy stuffed strawberries and this unique strawberry cheesecake recipe this Summer.

Strawberry Themed Picture Boks For Kids to Read 

Because I tend to go overboard sometimes, I didn’t want to turn this strawberry experience into a full-on lesson so I opted for just two books about strawberries. To further tie in what we’ll be learning about in coming months however, I opted for a  re-telling of a Cherokee legend that explains how strawberries came to be; The First Strawberries


Another popular strawberry themed book for kids is The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Hungry Bear; one cute little mouse tries to save his strawberry from a bear and will go to great lengths to make sure he’s able to. 

Strawberry DNA Extraction Experiment PDF 

I had been wanting to try extracting DNA from a strawberry with my youngest for quite some time now. I finally jumped in, created a quick reference sheet PDF how to extract DNA from a strawberry and once I mentioned it to the older kids, they were also on board!

This is a fun activity that can be done in an afternoon and is fully adaptable to how your family works best. Simply extract DNA from one strawberry as a demonstration, or follow the reference sheet as an experiment to determine which type of strawberry yields the easiest DNA extraction.

If you did want to delve deeper, there’s always the option of learning about the strawberry life cycle and how it compares to the Cherokee legend noted above.

Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Muffins

Even the most seemingly mundane item or topic can be made educational. As any unschooler will tell you, learning happens all the time, everywhere and in all situations.

The beauty of homeschooling is that we have the opportunity to instill in our children the life-long love of learning and encourage them to delve deeper when they discover something that interests them.

Homeschooling requires a balance; creating an environment where learning can happen organically is a great goal to strive for.

Have you ever created an educational experience or lesson around a subject your child took an interest in? Have you ever overdone it and sucked the fun right out of it? Comment below!


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