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Hey there!

I’m Marie, a homeschooling mom, freelance writer and video content creatorWe have been homeschooling and traveling for over 10 years and have amassed quite the collection of curriculum and related resources.

I share some of our favorite options here, like the Our Star Spangled Story Elementary History Curriculum. We’re also on the road quite a bit and incorporate that into our homeschool, taking advantage of opportunities like the National Parks Junior Ranger Program or the South Carolina State Parks Outsiders ProgramThis space encompasses my passion in life, the goal I have for our homeschool; traveling and learning about the world around us – that is our family mission and the foundation of this blog.

Email me: admin@marieshaurette.com

As a freelance writer, I create content for brands and individuals.

I also wear several hats as a contributing writer, project manager/assistant marketing coordinator for Charleston Moms Blog; the premier resource for moms in the lowcountry! I love helping other Charleston area parents get started with homeschooling.and letting them know that homeschooling can and should be fun and easy! Sharing my favorite resources for families like mine

I love where I live and enjoy talking my community and all it has to offer.

Charleston is a wonderful place to be a homeschooler, we’re constantly on the go, at libraries, museums and on field trips; so much so that we often have to remember to make a conscious effort to stay home and get book work completed! Some of our favorite things to do include fossil hunting on Charleston beaches One of our favorite things to do is to pair movies, especially Disney movies, with curriculum and field trips.

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