Girl Power in the Middle Ages – A Queen-Focused Show at all Medieval Times Locations

Breaking from a 34-year tradition of casting a king as the show’s lead role, a new show developed based on guest feedback has placed the Queen in charge and sole ruler of the land across all Medieval Times locations!

According to Director of Show, Leigh Cordner “Where previously our female characters played in more supportive roles, we are now showing a woman fully in charge, a woman whose authority is sometimes challenged, but she quickly rises to the occasion as a strong leader, squelching opposition.”

The Middle Ages is my youngest sons current favorite time period in history; over the last year and a half we’ve been learning a lot about knights, castles and falconry as it pertained hunting during the medieval times.

As guests to the Medieval Times Myrtle Beach castle, we had the pleasure meeting the queen, getting a backstage look at the kitchen and horse stables as well as a sneak peak behind the scenes!

Medieval TImes Locations

Medieval Times Food Options

Medieval Times menu includes fesh, hot, four-course feast that is sure to please the pickiest eater.  Garlic bread and tomato bisque arrive first then a seasoned thick potato slice as well as a corn cob and roasted chicken followed by a deliciously moist pound cake!

Medieval Times Food Menu can also be made vegetarian friendly as well, so be sure to ask your server!

Medieval Times Dinner Show Changes

For this re-scripted dinner show, Medieval Times has also included 700 new costumes for of the castles performers and horses as well as 200 new suits of armor, sheilds and helmets.  There are over 350 team members and 225 horses and new music for the newly scripted dinner show was composed by Dr. Daniel May, composer and jazz pianest.  He’s worked with performers like Sting and The Moody Blues. The new showcomposition was directed and recorded in Kiev with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine.

The sound and light team spend 120 hours programming 300 new music cues and 500 new lighting cues. I noticed drastic dramatic differences this time around from the show we attended two years ago!  There are more, vibrant colors, 256 to be exact, vs the old….wait for it, 14-color system!

Medieval Times Locations

In 1977 the first Medieval Times Castle was opened in Spain.  Now there are 9 Medieval Times locations in the U.S. and Toronto, Canada.



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