Magic School Bus Science Kits: A Fun Hands-on Secular Science Curriculum Perfect for Tiny Space Living

Magic School Bus Science Kits are a great option when you’re short on space, living in a tiny home or roadschooling in an RV.  One of my goals for the coming years is to downsize and roadschooling in an RV a few months out of the year to travel the U.S.

When we began homeschooling in 2011, an unexpected benefit was the convenience of taking family vacations while public school was in session. Traveling in the off season with minimal crowds, optimal weather and discounted prices was a huge draw.

With three adult kids now in college and out in the working world, we’re getting very close to being able to really downsize our belongings. 

Downsizing Homeschool Curriculum for Roadschooling in an RV

I am a curriculum-junkie and have amassed quite the collection over the last few years. I remind myself each time I tackle the bookshelves and bins of educational materials in my home that learning happens everywhere. There’s no need to limit myself to teaching a boxed curririculum.

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In doing some out-of-the-box thinking on the best way to approach homeschool and more specifically homeschool Science on the road, I came up with a perfect solution for tiny space living!

Keeping cabinets of Science experiment equipment, supplies and books is not feasible in the limed space of an RV.  

Magic School Bus Science Kits alleviate any need for cabintes full of supplies. Contents are contained in neat packets divided by subject. The packets are easily stored in a file tote!

This option is perfect when space is at a premium when you’re traveling in an RV with a family! Not only are the kits compact and full of full science experiments for elementary aged students, they’re fun and can be completed as a group if you’re homeschooling more than one child! Each kit comes in it’s own cellophane packaging with that experiment information, lessons, instructions and supplies. 

With the membership comes a monthly email with additional information on the lesson and further resources and tips and tricks. (I printed these emails and taped them to the front of the cellophane wrapper of each kit before filing them away.) What’s helpful about these science kits is that everything is contained in it’s own package. I was able to store them all in a small bin in my linen closet, they take little to no space, and include most everything you need to complete the experiments!

Homeschool on the Road with Magic School Bus Science Kits

What I love most about the Magic School Bus Science Kits is that they’re easy to use, fun and engaging.  They make Science very hands-on and simple when you’re just too busy to put together an entire lesson plan.

On their own, each kit in the subscription includes enough info to get started.

From there you can gauge your child’s interest level and easily add to it by finding corresponding Magic School Bus episodes and books  to read and watch.

You can even check out Magic School Bus Rides Again on Netflix!

This works especially well if you’re an Unschooler/Relaxed Homeschooler. Some topics are of great interest to my son, while others we just cover the basics. 

Exposure and Interest Level vs. Mastery and Redundancy is a significant theme in our homeschool and using Magic School Bus Kits let me tailor my sons lessons to his personality, attention span and interest level.

If you haven’t used Magic School Bus Science Kits, consider grabbing a subscription now and tuck them away for when your child is ready to tackle the materials!

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