Make a Harry Potter Bookmark #WizardingWorldofHomeschool

We’re well on our way with the Waldock’s Wizards and Wands Homeschool Curriculum and have been prepping, organizing and dabbling these last few days with all things Harry Potter!

In honor of Harry Potter’s official birthday, July 31, I wanted to share this fun Harry Potter felt bookmark craft. It’s a great way to kick of your Harry Potter Homeschool year or really just fun to do any time!

If you’re curious about the Waldock Wizards and Wands Harry Potter homeschool curriculum, I invite you to check out how we’re planning on using it in our homeschool. The link will be updated every week as we work through the curriculum with resources and idea.

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Ok, now who’s ready to make a Harry Potter Bookmark!

Harry Potter Bookmark Craft

HAPPY 39th BIRTHDAY Harry Potter! Follow the step by step directions below to create a Harry Potter felt bookmark in just about 30 minutes to celebrate this son of the House of Gryffindor.  




Step One

Download patterns, print and cut out with scissors.  Trace patterns on felt with fine tip permanent marker according to directions included on pattern sheet.


Step Two

Attach two cream circles together with glue to create the head and then attach the hair to the top of the head.

Step Three

Fringe the bottom edge of burgundy rectangle with scissors but cutting narrow sections.


I’m excited to incorporate fun crafts like this into our reading and our homeschool. We’ll be using As Waldock Wizards and Wands Homeschool Curriculum which was developed by Jessica Waldock from The Waldock Way. The full curriculum can be purchased on her site. 


Waldock Wizards and Wands is a year long study where students will read Harry Potter books, watch the movies and complete related extension activities. The subjects covered include: Alchemy, Astronomy, Charms, Enchantments, Herbology, Incantations, Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies, Potions, and Spells. It is designed for Grades 2-6 but can easily be tailored to younger or older kids. 

Step Four

Attach Harry’s head to the top of the burgundy scarf with glue.

Step Five

Attach gold rectangles to scarf with glue.  Overlap the first rectangle on the bottom of Harry’s chin, and then leave ¾” burgundy sections between each of the five remaining gold rectangles.

Step Six

Draw glasses on Harry’s face with black dimensional fabric paint.  Two circles with a curved line attaching the circles. Let dry.

Step Seven

Draw Harry’s lightning bolt scar on the forehead with gold glitter glue.  Let dry.

Here is a detailed photo of Harry’s head:


Create this quick and easy Harry Potter felt bookmark with the kiddos and share the wonderful experience of reading! Be sure to follow along with our Harry Potter Homeschool Adventures this year, it’s going to be fun!

For third grade, we’ll be reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We will likely take next year off from Harry Potter. I’m thinking we will pick back up with the series in 5th Grade.

For the sake of chronicling the curriculum here on the blog, the first two books will take us through the middle of November right before the Thanksgiving Holiday.This will include just under 4 months worth of schoolwork. It could go a bit longer depending on interest level an how much we get through.



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