Using Oils in Your Home Kids

Working with Nature for the Best Homeschool Experience

By: Raine Mertz

Few things in life are more incredible than experiencing that spark in our children’s eyes when they discover something new. Those are the homeschooling moments I live for! Of course, there are also challenges that come up, such as lack of concentration and stress. For the majority of these issues, I turn to natural remedies that have proven effective over and over in our home.

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As a Reiki Master, I incorporate both crystals and oils into my daily life as well as my practice. I’m a firm believer that not only do they work, but they create an undeniable harmony in our home and our lives. Teaching children about the benefits of natural resources also fosters greater interest in the outdoors, more mindfulness when making healthy choices, and a general working knowledge of herbology, minerology, and geology. Here’s my list of staples that we use regularly, as well as their properties.

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Oils to Enhance Your Homeschool Day

Lavender – this oil eases emotional stress and assists with memory retention

Peppermint – this oil increases concentration and accuracy

Lemon – this oil assists concentration while having a calming effect

Thieves blend – this oil blend supports the immune system which is a must with multiple playdates, field trips, and co-ops

Uses for Essential Oils 

All of the oils above can be used effectively both topically and aromatically. Consider making a few rollers to have on hand for when you’re out and about. As with all oils, ensure that you use the proper dilution based on age. For the classroom and car, I have found diffusing to be a wonderful way for everyone to experience the benefits together.

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Crystals to Incorporate into Your Homeschool

Fluorite – this crystal increases motivation and has a stress relieving effect

Clear Quartz – this crystal increases mental clarity and focus

Carnelian – this crystal clears and reins in a wandering mind while providing inspirational energy

diffusing essential oils homeschool

Using Crystals to Enhance the Homeschool Experience

All of the crystals above can be used effectively by either placing them in your classroom area or by allowing your students to carry their crystal with them. This is a personal decision based on the maturity level of your students as well as the type of crystal, size, etc. Another easy way to incorporate them daily is to include them in your morning group meditation.

This has been very effective in our experience. Not only does it expose us to the wonderful benefits, but it also gives younger children a focal point to help them be able to settle and meditate with us.

If you are looking for an informative introductory book into using crystals and oils together, check out my book “A Month of Crystals and Oils” available on Amazon It’s a great resource for everyone and can even be incorporated into your school. Since it’s a workbook and has short, practical exercises in it, it’s perfect for the busy homeschooling family!

Crystals and Oils Raine Mertz

In conclusion, keep in mind that while these suggestions are very effective, it is imperative to have a learning atmosphere that is the most supportive for your family. This means ensuring that your school day consists of realistic time frames based on the age and abilities of your students, as well as appropriate material. Only you know what that means for your family. My hope is that these natural tools can enhance the school experience as a whole for both you and your students in your academic pursuits!

Raine Mertz is an experienced Reiki practitioner who helps her clients Manifest Success ™ through energy healing and education. For more information on Raine Mertz and the services she offers at Raine’s Realm, check out her Facebook page She can also be reached at

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