How to Create a Plants & Animals Mini Unit Study for Young Learners

While we don’t jump into heavy curriculum during the Summer months, I do like to incorporate easy mini unit studies that tie in to what we’re doing, what we’ve seen on days out or whatever interests my son has at that particular time.

When I decided on a homeschool schedule for our family, I wanted to ensure that we were still continuing with educational activities through the Summer.

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I learned early on that ‘school’ happens year round, whether we’re on vacation or just running to the post office.  Educational opportunities about in life. Living is learning.

In addition to wanting to keep relaxed learning at the forefront of our days, I also have pages and pages of pins from Pinterest that I’ve  been hoarding for the last several years.

Many times I’ll go back into my Pinterest boards and realize that my son has outgrown the activities I’ve pinned to ensure that nothing I may have pinned gets left by the wayside.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been in Spring Unit Study mode, learning about butterflies and the Butterfly Life Cycle as well as a very in depth and fun Bird Unit Study! We also pull in botany resources noted in the video below whenever we study plants or go on nature walks. 


Now that Summer is here though, and after having looked over my Pinterest Pins, I realized it was time to delve into a few topics that I had fantastic pins for that we hadn’t gotten to yet.

By adding those pins to resources I had on hand and others that I purchased, I was able to pull together a quick and easy mini unit study for my 7 year old.

Unit Studies Can be Adapted for all Ages

One thing I love about unit studies is that if you’re homeschooling multiple ages, you can tailor the lessons to each childs age and skill level.

 While I’ve had the Linnea in Monet’s Garden in our homeschool library since my now adult children were being homeschooled, I incorporated it into a homeschool preschool Monet lesson with my son when he was 4 years old.

To follow are the links to all of the books and resources used in this Science mini unit study.  Additionally, I’ve recreated a downloadable lesson plan at the end of this blog post.

Be sure to check out the YouTube video to see a flip through and explanation o of each of the books and resources!

Book Choices for a Mini Life Science Unit Study

The Usborne Internet Linked Science Encyclopedia

Cut & Color Playbook Cities

Social Studies File Folder Games Book – Full Color

When Fur and Feather Get Together

My Science Library Plant Life Cycles:

Picky Eaters Lift the Flap Board Book

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?

A Ladybug’s Life

Lots of Spots Scholastic Reader

The Grouchy Ladybug

Classifying Plants & Animals

A Seed is Sleepy



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