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Disney’s the Lion King as a homeschooling unit study?

when I tell people that I often use Disney movies as homeschool lesson plans, they largely look at me like I’m absolutely insane. But it’s true, I often glean main points from some of our favorite Disney movies and make them into teachable moments or actual lessons. 

Obviously movies that are also books are easy; A Wrinkle in Time lends itself to homeschool curriculum and of course DisneyNature movies like Penguins are equally easy to make into a homeschool lesson plan. 

So, when I learned that Disney and Jon Favreau would be returning to the African Savannah, I knew I wanted to create a homeschool unit around the movie, Africa and all things lion.

Homeschooling with The Lion King 

Consider tying Disney movies into your homeschool with extension activities like watching Super Pride from National Geographic Kids on YouTube Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park sustains one of the biggest lion populations in Africa: approximately 3,500 lions in 300 prides. One pride has 22 lions in all: they are called a “superpride”. Few lion prides reach this status! The movie paired with the National Geographic Reader: Lions could be a days homeschool lesson in itself.

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You could also check out some of Disneynature movies and resources, like African Cats

Disneynature African Cats was filmed over the course of almost three years in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.  It follows Mara, a lion cub and her parents Layla and Fang. Mara and her siblings are faced with the threat of being killed or driven off if another lion happens to take Fang over.

Another great way to add some fun to your homeschool is with gameschooling; one great option is African Savannah: Wildlife Safari Adventure Board Game

Of course if you have a Nintendo Switch fan on your hands, the Disney’s Lion King Nintendo Switch Bundle Skin is a great option too! 

Disney’s The Lion King Books for Homeschooling 

One of my youngest sons favorite things to do is listen to books on CD; the Lion King Read-Along Storybook and CD is perfect for emergent readers and proficient readers alike; and it gives mom or dads voice a rest for a few minutes!

For younger children; preschool aged, The Lion King, Lion Guard book and play figures set is a great for keeping little hands busy while working with older kids or just as you’re reading the story.

The Lion King novelization is another option for a family read-aloud which coupled with the Disney’s Lion King My Busy Book, includes a storybook, 10 figurines and a playmat to keep little hands busy while you’re reading aloud to older kids.

Homeschooling Comes into Play in All We Do

Because we homeschool year round and follow a mix of eclectic homeschooling and unschooling there is little that can’t be made into a learning  activity or teachable moment.

Homeschool is a lifestyle.

Learning through life every day is what our homeschool is about and if that means making a complete homeschool unit out of a highly anticipated Disney movie, then…. so be it. 


10 Replies to “Disney’s The Lion King – Teach with Movies Homeschool Resources”

  1. I did not know about this! This would be a fun unit study. Thabks for sharing.

  2. Yes, one of the many things I love about homeschooling! You can take anything and turn it into a lesson! I love how you can look at a favorite movie and create learning around it and use it as your “spine.” I actually had no idea they were making a new Lion King! My kids loved the original, we will have to check the new one out.

  3. Homeschooling with the Lion King offers so much for a teacher and the children. I just adore this post.

  4. These are super cute ideas

  5. I’ve always been fascinated by lions. It’s fun to tie a movie into a themed unit study for the kids to enjoy.

  6. That’s the beauty of learning.. you can use everyday events and even movies as a springboard!

    1. Marie Shaurette says:

      Exactly! It’s always amazing how much learning happens when we least expect too, right?

  7. Christine says:

    My boys have been dying to see this movie and now that I can integrate it into a school day maybe we will just call it a field trip! 🙂

    1. Marie Shaurette says:

      That’s the best, when you can do something fun like watch a movie and count it as schoolwork, right? Have you seen it yet?

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