Bird Unit Study: 4 Simple Ideas to Celebrate the Arrival of Spring | Book List and Ornithology Resources

Introduce a fun Bird Unit Study into your homeschool to celebrate the arrival of Spring! Kids of all ages will enjoy these simple activities that you can easily incorporate into a morning basket!

Bird Unit Study Read Aloud

What started as a simple Build Your Library Family Reading Crate unboxing, turned into a complete Bird Unit Study that I expect we’ll be working on periodically throughout the year. I started reading The Desperate Adventures of Zeno and Alya to Zac at bedtime, reading between 1 – 3 chapters per night, just depending on how long he wanted to listen.

The Desperate Adventures of Zeno and Alya

An orphaned African grey parrot who can speak 127 words. A girl so sick, she has forgotten what it means to try. Fate––and a banana nut muffin––bring them together. Will their shared encounter help them journey through storms inside and out? Will they lose their way, or will they find what really matters?

Here is a story that will remind readers how navigating so many of life’s desperate adventures requires friendship and, above all, hope

We added The Burgess Bird Book for Children to our nighttime read-aloud routine and may actually make it part of our morning basket routine going forward.

Incorporating Art in a Bird Unit Study

Art Ideas Bird Unit Study

We turned to the Birds section of our Animalium book and spent breakfast drawing pictures of birds.

I recently purchased the Bird Chalk Pastel Video Art Course to work on here and there whenever we feel like it as we go along through our bird study.

Bird Unit Study


Chalk Pastel Bird Art Tutorials include the following

  • owl
  • cardinal
  • goldfinch
  • hummingbird
  • chickadee
  • robin
  • sandpiper
  • bluebird
  • Bonus! baby bluebird and bird nest

Backyard Birdwatching 

We’ve been going outside every few days to sit on a blanket in the yard read, listen and journal We use the Merlin Cornell Ornithology app to identify birds we see and hear.

Bird Unit Study Hummingbird

We also made some sugar syrup to fill our hummingbird feeder and hung it on the back patio right by the window where we could enjoy the hummingbirds from our kitchen table and completing this comprehensive hummingbird lapbook that works well for any bird unit study!

Hands-on Bird Unit Study Activities 

During the first week of our Bird Unit Study, we read Owls by Gail Gibbons then Zac spent about two hours dissecting 2 owl pellets from the Uncle Beaudreaux’s Owl Pellet Kit 


Dissecting Owl Pellets Bird Unit



Owl Pellet Dissection Bird Unit Study


Bird Unit Study Book List

Learn more about the resources we used for this Bird Unit Study – a complete list with links is at the bottom of this page.

To round out our homeschool bird unit study, we visited the Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw, South Carolina. Located just 40 minutes from downtown Charleston, SC, the Center for Birds of Prey provides operational support for the Center’s educational, medical, conservation, and research initiatives.

Watch hawks, falcons, owls, eagles, kites and vultures soar above the flying field and gain fascinating insight into their unique adaptations

Check the website to purchase tickets in advance and learn more.








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