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One of the many benefits of homeschooling is having the ability to travel most any time of the year without regard to school schedules.

It makes for some great trips, like Disney in the off-season, a quiet cruise in the middle of the school year and most recently, a trip to The Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona shortly after Thanksgiving break.  

Roadschooling with Unit Studies While Traveling 

When we do travel, we like to take our homeschool on the road with us; unschooling and roadschooling are a way of life for our family.


Sedona Arizona


Aside from learning American History through travel, we also make an effort to visit national parks, museums, state parks, historical monuments.

Often I’ll incorporate geography lessons during our travels.

Options like the Arizona Unit Study from Love at Home Education that I recently had the opportunity to review, are easy and compact making them perfect to take along on family trips.


Love at Home Education Unit Study curriculum options offer a dinner table friendly, all inclusive family curriculum that your high schooler and kindergartner can learn together. On their own levels.


Horseshoe Bend


Arizona Unit Study K-12 Curriculum Covers Many Subjects

The Arizona Unit Study features approximately 27 pages of activities for students at the K-12 level.

Each page is broken down by grade level and includes topics ranging from geography, geometry, geology, historical facts and symbols as well as several writing and composition opportunities.

Included Hands-on activities like creating dioramas and flags are both fun and educational components to keep little hands engaged and busy.

The one thing I would have liked to have seen would be some historical diversity in the content as well as in the recipe options chosen; which lean more toward Southwestern Tex-Mex.

I would have preferred more history of Native American tribes, recipes and history as this was the highlight of our visit to Tuzigoot and Montezuma Castle during our trip. 


Day Trip Sedona Tuzigoot Montezuma


Using the Love at Home Education Arizona Unit Study for Elementary Grades 

For my 7 year old, I wound up using the written portions for Grades 1-3 and then incorporated some of the upper-level work as well. He also took the initiative to recreate the Arizona state flag in Minecraft.

As an informative unit study on Arizona, the Love at Home Education Arizona Unit Study is a good option for getting everyone around the table talking and working together as a family.

The unit study is inexpensive at just $6 for the PDF version or $10 for the print version.

Love at Home Education also offers several other Western States Unit Studies. Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho and Utah are available as well as other curriculum, both religious and secular, across many subjects and topics.

Visit the Raising Human Beans blog and Facebook Page. To learn more about the curriculum and what it has to offer, visit Love at Home Education Community on Facebook!




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